Does a Crib Come With a Mattress?

does a crib come with a mattress

When preparing for a new baby, one of the biggest purchases parents make is a nursery crib. Cribs are available in various styles and price ranges, but many new parents wonder if a mattress is included or if that is an additional purchase. This article will examine if cribs come with mattresses and provide information on choosing the best crib and mattress for your new arrival.

Do cribs come with mattresses?

In most cases, a new crib will not include a mattress. The crib is simply the frame, whether made from wood, metal, or other materials. The mattress is an additional purchase. There are a few exceptions:

  • Some portable or mini cribs designed for travel include a thin mattress pad. However, these mattress pads are not the same as a full-sized crib mattress designed for everyday use.
  • Occasionally, high-end cribs from luxury brands include a mattress. However, this is less common.
  • Some crib and mattress sets may be sold together at a bundled price. But usually, you can buy the crib alone or as part of a set.

So unless it is specifically advertised as being included, parents should expect to buy a crib mattress separately from the crib frame.

Crib and mattress size

does a crib come with a mattress?

When purchasing your crib and mattress, it is important to pay attention to sizing.

Standard cribs are 28 inches wide and 52 inches long on the interior dimensions. The mattress should be the same size to fit snugly into the crib frame.

If you purchase a crib and mattress separately, be sure to match up the sizes correctly. Even if the length and width are the same, you also need to ensure that the mattress depth fits the crib.

Crib mattress types

does a crib come with a mattress?

Once you know you need to buy a crib mattress separately, the next decision is what type of mattress. The main options include:

Innerspring – These mattresses contain metal coils or springs inside and are firmer. Many parents like the traditional feel.

Foam – Instead of springs, these mattresses are made from solid foam. Memory foam is a popular choice and contours well to a baby’s body.

Organic – Organic mattresses are made without harsh chemicals or synthetics and use materials like organic cotton, wool, coconut fibers, etc. They may be innerspring or foam.

Dual-Sided – Some mattresses can be flipped over using both sides. This gives more longevity to the mattress.

Be sure to choose a mattress designed for crib use, as other mattresses, like those used for adult beds, can have safety issues.

When making your decision, you’ll want to consider price, materials, manufacturing standards, and special features like waterproofing that may appeal to your priorities.

Crib mattress safety standards

Safety is the number one priority for crib mattresses and bedding. Be sure to choose a mattress that meets all applicable safety standards. Key things to look for include:

  • Meeting regulations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Certification from agencies like Greengard or CertiPUR-US that evaluate product health and safety
  • A firm sleeping surface that maintains its shape and doesn’t indent easily
  • A tight-fitting waterproof cover
  • No toxic chemicals, phthalates, or lead

Reading reviews from other parents can help determine if the mattress you’re considering meets expectations for safety and durability.

Crib mattress prices

Crib mattress prices typically range from $50 on the low end to over $300 for premium options.

Mattress prices vary based on materials, size, certifications, and features. Here are some general price ranges:

  • Basic foam mat – $50-$100
  • Standard foam crib mattress – $75-$150
  • Coil/innerspring crib mattress – $100-$250
  • Organic/eco-friendly crib mattress – $150-$300+

Expect to spend $100-$200 for a standard foam or innerspring crib mattress from a mainstream brand. Higher prices don’t always mean better quality. Focus on choosing a safe, durable mattress at a reasonable price.

Buying Tip: Purchase separately vs. set

As mentioned earlier, some retailers sell cribs and mattresses together as sets.

Purchasing as a set can offer convenience and potential bundle discounts. However, buying separately often provides more flexibility to mix and match.

If choosing a set, ensure the mattress has the desired qualities, and that pricing for the bundle is competitive. Purchasing individually allows you to find the perfect crib and ideal mattress to meet your baby’s needs.

Takeaway: Get the right baby crib and mattress for your new arrival

While most cribs don’t include a mattress, parents must purchase a mattress separately to provide a comfy place for the baby to sleep.

Focus first on finding the right crib for your preferences and space. Then, take the interior dimensions to find a mattress that fits snugly inside. Prioritize safety and choose a durable mattress designed for infants that meet regulations.

With some planning and research, you can feel confident your new arrival will have sweet dreams in a safe, cozy crib. The right mattress ensures your baby sleeps soundly during the first months at home and beyond.

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Does Crib Come With Mattress: Conclusion

Preparing for a new baby requires many purchases, with a crib and mattress among the most important. While cribs typically do not include a mattress, parents can find the right mattress to pair with their crib frame.

When selecting the best mattress, focus on size, safety, quality, and affordability. With a little planning, you’ll soon have the perfect sleeping space ready for your bundle of joy. Having the right crib and mattress will give your baby – and you – sweet dreams during those precious first months at home.

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