The 8 Best nursery floor lamp — To Ensure The Best Sleep For Baby

nursery floor lamp

Introduction to nursery floor lamp

When setting up a nursery for your little one, you want to ensure everything is in place for their comfort and safety. Floor lamps can be an important part of your nursery lighting setup, providing both task lighting and ambient light.

Why use a nursery floor lamp

There are many reasons to use a floor lamp in a nursery. First, they are a great way to provide task lighting, which is important when you are getting your baby ready for bed, changing diapers, or performing other tasks that require a well-lit space.

Floor lamps are also a good source of ambient light, which can help create a calming atmosphere in your baby’s room. Additionally, floor lamps can create a cozy reading nook or play area for your little one.

Safety features to look for in a nursery floor lamp

When choosing a floor lamp for your baby’s room, it’s important to consider safety features. Look for lamps with sturdy bases to prevent tipping, and avoid lamps with long, dangling cords that could be a hazard to your baby.

Choose a lamp with an adjustable head or arm to direct light where you need it. Additionally, look for lamps with low voltage LED lights, which are energy efficient and produce less heat than traditional light bulbs.

What to look for when shopping for the best floor lamps for nurseries

Adjustable brightness

When it comes to sleep hygiene, studies suggest that softer, warmer lighting is better for the body’s circadian rhythm and melatonin release. A dimmable lamp is ideal, giving you control over light levels should unexpected nighttime feedings occur.

It’s also important to note if the lamp includes a lightbulb or if one needs to be purchased separately. Specialized bulbs such as amber or red are often recommended for better sleep.

Size & style

When selecting a nursery lamp, size should be considered to ensure that it is suitable for the space. There are plenty of styles available, from traditional to modern, so it’s easy to find one that fits your decor. No matter your preference, this selection has something for everyone.

Now that you better understand the features and types of lamps available, it’s time to choose the ideal one for leisurely passing those long afternoons. Make sure your baby can enjoy them as well!

 A dimmable floor lamp with a remote control

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
Dimmable nursery floor lamp

This dimmable floor lamp provides an array of customization to suit any nursery perfectly. It effortlessly adjusts to the desired ambiance by utilizing four color temperature settings and a remote-controlled 5-100% dimming range.

In addition, an on/off foot switch is included for convenience during those moments with the baby in your arms. Matte glass shades provide adequate filtering for a soft glow, making it easily adaptable to many decorating schemes – modern, farmhouse, etc.

A floor lamp that doubles as a Side Table

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
Rosen garden nursery Floor Lamp

With its three tiers of faux marble shelves and a dimmable rotary switch to control the brightness, this floor lamp is sure to provide any space with ambiance. The shelves support indoor plants, pictures, or even your beverage of choice. As a bonus: no light bulb is included in the purchase.

A pink floor lamp with custom dimming

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
Brightech Zoey LED nursery Floor Lamp

This high-quality floor lamp with chic rose gold accents provides adjustable lighting for any room. It features a flexible gooseneck, an adjustable 10 to 100% stepless dimmer control, and a touch switch for easy operation.

In addition, the 3,000K warm white light has three brightness settings. With its modern style and multiple functions, this is an ideal lighting solution for your home or office.

A Scandinavian-style floor lamp for a modern nursery

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
LEPOWER Wood nursery Floor Lamp

This attractive, Nordic-style lamp is the perfect addition to any home. Its natural wood and simple design blend in with various decor styles, from modern to mid-century. The round, flaxen lampshade adds a warm glow that’s just right for nurseries. A handy hook on the wooden base keeps cords tidy and out of sight.

The best turned-wood floor lamp

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
Barnes and Ivy Baluster Traditional Standing Floor Lamp

The Barnes & Ivy floor lamp would be a great addition to any home — coastal cottages, farmhouse-chic, you name it. It fits two light bulbs (not included), controlled by pull chains for easy lighting adjustment.

The oatmeal linen shade provides a warm light that can’t be dimmed manually; nonetheless, the solid willow wood construction ensures you’ll enjoy this lamp long after the baby years pass!

A contemporary floor lamp for a glowing ambiance

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
contemporary floor lamp

This minimalist floor lamp creates a beautiful ambient light with its textured, marble-effect fabric shade. Using a 7W LED bulb, you can rest assured that your lamp is energy-efficient and long-lasting.

You can also adjust the light level by using the foot switch to choose from three settings. The product has earned over 1,200 five-star reviews on Amazon and remains one of the top-rated lighting options on the site. Plus, it’s lightweight, so you can easily move it around as desired.

A statement floor lamp with rattan shades

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
bohemian-inspired floor lamp.

This modern, eco-friendly floor lamp combines both beauty and convenience. It features three hand-crafted rattan shades, which emit a soft light when switched on via the foot switch.

There is only one switch to turn all three lights off and on, which could be convenient for some but not others. The lamp also has an easy wobble-free weighted base for added safety if there are young children or pets in the home.

A fun abstract floor lamp that shoppers love

the 8 best nursery floor lamp — to ensure the best sleep for baby
unique and fun floor lamp

This unique floor lamp offers an attractive way to bring warm white LED light into your baby’s room. The abstract design resembling the human figure is both functional and fun, and the body is adjustable so that you can direct the light where it’s most needed.

This quirky lamp will grow with your little one from infancy through childhood, featuring a hand switch for quick lighting control (though not for dimmer settings) and close to 1,000 perfect five-star reviews.

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Conclusion on nursery floor lamp

In conclusion, a nursery floor lamp can be a useful addition to a baby’s room, providing both functional and decorative benefits. When choosing a nursery floor lamp, it is important to consider factors such as the lamp’s brightness, safety features, and style to ensure that it meets the needs of both parents and babies.

Parents can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their little ones with the right nursery floor lamp, making it a cozy and comforting space for them to grow and thrive.

FAQs on nursery floor lamp

Can you have a floor lamp in a nursery?

For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that you choose table lamps, ceiling lamps, or wall-mounted lamps over floor lamps.

Floor lamps can present a tripping risk, so take extra precautions if you install one in rooms frequented by babies and toddlers. Hide the cords away to minimize the chances of accidental tumbles.

What kind of lamp is best for a nursery?

When selecting lights for a bedroom, especially if it’s a child’s room, 2700k – 3000k (soft/warm white) is recommended.

This light temperature range gives off a warm and cozy feeling
which helps promote relaxation and peace in the environment. This is particularly important for areas where rest or sleep may occur, as you don’t want any distractions.

Do I need a lamp in the nursery?

Lighting in nurseries can be incredibly beneficial when checking up on your baby at night.

Without night lights, you’d need to turn on bright ambient lights that disrupt sleep flow for you and your child. Nursery lighting might not necessarily prevent night disturbances, but it makes monitoring much easier.

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