The 7 Best Rocking Chairs and Nursery Gliders to Soothe You and Your Baby 2023

nursery rocking chair

Introduction to nursing rocking chair

When it comes to comfort, our experts and parents agree that it’s the most important consideration. When it comes to comfort, our experts and parents agree that it’s the most important consideration.

It’s important to have a comfortable and supportive position when you’re feeding your baby, whether you’re using a chair that moves or not, according to As a mom of two and owner of Blooming Mom in New York City, Tina McGeough, MPH, RDN, CDE, LCCE, CLC understands the importance of staying healthy and active. What’s most important is finding what works best for you and your baby.

When choosing a rocking chair or nursery glider, comfort, style, footprint, durability, and value should all be considered. Many options are available, from budget-friendly options to more luxurious models.

The Evolur Raleigh Glider, Recliner, and Rocker are our top picks overall thanks to their multiple ranges of motion, high supportive back, and stylish design.

Here is a list of the best rocking chairs and nursery gliders that are currently on the market.

Best budget: Storkcraft Hoop White Glider and Ottoman

the 7 best rocking chairs and nursery gliders to soothe you and your baby 2023
Evolur Raleigh Upholstered Plush Seating Glider Swivel, Rocker, Recliner, Glider for Nursery in Misty Grey, Greenguard Gold Certified, Modern Nursery Recliner, Environmentally Conscious Glider

This glider is an excellent option because the seat has the perfect padding. It is also reasonably priced while remaining strong, guaranteeing many years of use and sitting.

However, it is on the small side and might not support all feeding positions.

It is simple to understand why the Storkcraft Hoop White Glider and Ottoman have received such high praise. Finding a glider that does not provide a jerky motion is essential when selecting one to calm a baby, and this chair provides an incredibly smooth motion.

The ottoman also glides in addition! Thanks to the thick cushioning in this wood-framed chair’s seat, arm, and ottoman, it’s simple to unwind and feel supported.

Nikki Hunter Greenaway, a nurse, lactation consultant, and mother of three, said she didn’t use a rocker or glider because it wasn’t in her budget. “And I can assume that many folks don’t have the money for it. I want parents to feed their children peacefully in any room they want.”

The chair can fit in smaller spaces because of its compact footprint. However, its narrow design may affect feeding postures and caregiver space. Also, keep in mind that it does neither spin nor recline.

Greenaway would concur with this “For a parent who needs to perform the football hold or cross cradle [for feeding], a glider or rocker with narrow seating or high arms might not be pleasant. The parent’s comfort is crucial. According to my observations, the newborn’s final comfort and the success of the feeding session are determined by the parents’ comfort.”

Best for Twins: Mack & Milo Delgado Reclining Rocking Glider

the 7 best rocking chairs and nursery gliders to soothe you and your baby 2023
Mack & Milo Delgado Reclining Rocking Glider

Multiple babies can comfortably fit in the extra-wide seat, and you can keep nursing pillows, and other necessities close at hand.

But Take Note: It could be challenging to close the footrest, especially if two infants occupy your arms.

Some families like to be larger than others! The wide size of the Mack & Milo Delgado chair may draw your attention if you’re a parent of multiples. Many chairs measure between 30 and 40 inches wide from side to side, but this rocking glider is 60 inches wide.

This roominess can be extremely helpful if you are nursing or feeding two kids at once or enjoy changing positions with your legs on the chair.

You could quickly put nursing pillows, blankets, or even an older sibling in the chair. The chair she selected was also wide and spacious because Christine Sterling, MD, a mother of three and the creator of Sterling Parents, appreciated having her other children sit next to her during nursing sessions.

The Delgado is constructed of a plush velvet twill fabric and features a traditional yet contemporary pattern. It does not swivel, but you may easily recline or rock pleasantly by extending the back and footrest. To protect tiny fingers, a hidden clasp opens the footrest.

Just be careful when you have a sleeping child in your arms because closing the footrest could require some force or make noise.

Best Rocking Chair: Pottery Barn Kids Charleston Convertible Rocking Chair and Ottoman

the 7 best rocking chairs and nursery gliders to soothe you and your baby 2023
 Pottery Barn Kids Charleston Convertible Rocking Chair and Ottoman

This rocker has a low profile and a neat appearance for a rocker. Even the rocking legs may be removed to make it into a regular armchair.

However, be aware that it is a sizable, heavy chair.

Although rocking chairs are the typical nursery chair, some individuals dislike their thin, wooden shape. Look no further than the Pottery Barn Kids Charleston Convertible Rocking Chair for something a little more contemporary and comfortable.

The frame is made of solid oak, making it sturdy and long-lasting. The chair is secure while you sit or stand up, holding a baby, thanks to the runners’ distinctive, low-to-the-ground shape and small knobs on the front and back.

Phelps concurs that this stability is necessary “while trying to also hold onto a newborn and recovering from a C-section or vaginal delivery” when moving in and out of a chair.

The circular arms are a little smaller than standard gliders but still support you and your baby, and the seat is solid yet comfortable.

The upholstery on this chair is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that it has been evaluated by an outside agency to confirm that it doesn’t release many volatile chemicals into the air. It will be challenging to carry this chair around or between rooms because it weighs much more than other rocking chairs.

As an added benefit, you can buy additional feet to convert this into a conventional armchair if you no longer desire a rocking chair.

Best Recliner: Babyletto kiwi electronic recliner

the 7 best rocking chairs and nursery gliders to soothe you and your baby 2023
Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner

We adore the electronic recliner function and USB power supply for recharging your gadgets.

But remember: This chair is unquestionably an investment.

It’s time to delegate part of the labor to a nursery chair! With the Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner, caregivers may recline completely and unwind. Dr. Sterling points out that caring for a baby may be demanding.

Thus, assistance is required from everyone. Why not get a chair with features that also make feeding easier? The chair’s quiet reclining mechanism lowers the headrest and raises the footrest when a button on one of the arms is pressed.

You never have to be concerned about your phone dying in the middle of a feeding session because there is a USB charging port right next to the reclining button. This comfortable chair was made with eco-performance fabric, which repels water and resists stains, making cleanup a breeze.

With this chair’s 270-degree swivel and smooth glide, you may calm your baby in several ways. Depending on where you get it, the chair is also simple to install or can come pre-assembled. Babyletto enjoys using wood from sustainably managed forests and foam free of heavy metals, phthalates, and other potentially dangerous substances.

This chair is one of the most expensive alternatives available on the market because of its high standards and luxurious amenities. A Kiwi gliding ottoman is available for separate purchase.

 Carter’s by DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider With Storage Ottoman

This chair’s ottoman stands out because it serves two purposes: you may put your feet up while keeping baby supplies within and out of the way.

But be aware that tall persons can find the chair’s modest height uncomfortable.

The DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider and Storage Ottoman let you store a few necessary feeding supplies or other items almost beneath your feet to save room.

Burp cloths, pacifiers, breast creams, and other necessities can be stored inside this space-saving ottoman rather than piling them on a nightstand or cart, and once you have what you need, you can put your feet up and unwind. McGeough advises storing a drink, a phone, and perhaps even an iPad with a charging port in that storage space.

The chair’s ottoman is constructed of the same plush, high-quality fabric that is water- and stain-resistant, is simple to open, and doesn’t release any potentially toxic chemicals.

To rock the infant to sleep, the chair rotates 360 degrees and moves smoothly forward and backward. Although a lumbar pillow is included, you can always replace it with one of your own if you like. Remember that this chair is small; taller people could discover that it doesn’t support their head and neck.

Best Swivel: Delta Children Avery Swivel Glider

the 7 best rocking chairs and nursery gliders to soothe you and your baby 2023

This chair allows for a seamless 360-degree swivel, enabling you to reach objects that would be out of your reach if you were stuck in one position.

But Bear in Mind: Some people could find the cushion’s hardness uncomfortable.

While some infants prefer to glide back and forth, others prefer to spin and swivel. Fortunately, the Delta Children Avery Swivel Glider can swivel in both directions. This chair is a timeless nursery accessory that moves beautifully.

The chair may easily spin thanks to a secret metal glide mechanism that generates a smooth motion. This swivel glider’s broad seat breadth and depth enable the caregiver to feed in various positions or keep objects close to them while seated.

Four complimentary neutral hues can be chosen to fit most rooms in your house. The material is enduring and straightforward to clean. Be mindful that the foam seat cushion has pocketed coil support.

For some people, this translates into a stiff chair that is uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods—something you could find yourself doing with a newborn.

 How we selected the best Rocking chairs and Gliders

We looked into and compared hundreds of chairs from various merchants while drawing on our parental wisdom.

We also made this decision based on the advice of lactation specialists and other parents. We specifically considered design, size, extras, overall footprint, toughness, and cost.

Factors to consider when buying a Rocker or Glider

Glider vs. Rocker

Rocking chairs and gliders are the two most popular styles of nursery chairs. Rocking chairs have a decisive forward-and-backward arc action, and the intensity of this motion makes them particularly useful for calming a fussy baby.

They are available in plusher modern styles or the traditional wooden chair. A rocker’s potentially huge footprint means that space will need to be considered when using it because it needs space to rock entirely on its arc without bumping into any barriers.

Because the runners protrude, rockers can also pose a safety risk as your child learns to crawl or walk. Children can pinch their fingers or hit their heads on these components if left unattended.

Gliders, on the other hand, make relatively little noise and produce a smoother back-and-forth motion. They are relatively small and rest on a fixed track that occasionally locks into place for increased security. They can turn 360 degrees, come with an ottoman, and recline. Gliders can only generate a certain amount of motion.

Support and Comfort

When choosing a nursing or feeding chair, comfort was the top consideration for all the mothers and lactation consultants we spoke with.

Pay attention to this for wood-frame rockers, especially as some level of cushioning will typically make your experience more pleasurable and comfy.

However, an exceptionally soft glider that makes you feel like you “sink” into it might not be the most supportive, and it might be challenging to get in and out of while holding a newborn.

Consider the chair’s depth6 and whether your feet can touch the ground. Leaving ample room on your sides will also benefit some nursing positions. Another factor is the height of the chair back.

If both of you will be participating in feedings and one of you is taller, you should have hair with a higher back to support your aching head.

Finally, while the chair can provide support, parents should also have assistance from other family members or close friends to help care for their new child. Dr. Sterling stresses this and has aimed to offer a community of support for parents online.

Does It Squeak?

When the baby finally falls asleep, you are getting ready to transfer them to their crib by getting up from your chair when—”Uh-oh!”—the sound of the chair wakes them up! Being able to sit in a quiet chair can be beneficial. 

If you have a wooden rocking chair, you might think about laying down a mat for wooden flooring. It can be helpful to test the reclining feature to determine whether a glider’s open and shut mechanisms are loud or silent.

How Easy Is It to Clean?

Let’s say that feeding sessions and their aftermath can be messy. Baby spitting up, milk spills, and diaper blowouts can happen anytime. You may opt for a chair made of a simple material to clean.

Particularly simple to clean our microfiber and leather, which may even have a stain-guard layer. Another helpful feature is removable and washable cushions.

Other Features

A chair that reclines puts you in the position of utmost comfort and relaxation because feeding in the middle of the night can be exceptionally tiring, and you should rest your head while the baby feeds. A reclining glider can make it simple and comfortable to nurse in some settings, like a relaxed or reclined position. 

Phelps experienced a forceful letdown. Thus, the reclining position was essential for controlling the feeding pace and ensuring the baby’s comfort.

When a reclining feature is useful, McGeough cautions us against dozing off while holding a baby; as such, keep this in mind while deciding on comfort levels during feeding.

The pressure on your back or hips may increase if feeding sessions last long. The pressure could be reduced by raising your feet on an ottoman.

If your feet don’t comfortably reach the floor and you’re shorter than average, an ottoman can also assist you in rocking or gliding more effectively. Some ottomans can also serve as additional storage spaces!

It is a good idea to keep some necessities close at hand because you might find yourself occasionally “trapped” sitting in your chair for a considerable amount of time.

A chair with pockets can store items like a water bottle, snacks, a phone charger, books, burp cloths, breast pads, and cream.

How to Use Rocking Chairs and Nursery Gliders Safely

It should be a secure location wherever you feed and comfort a baby. The following are some safety recommendations for rocking chairs and gliders:

A footrest should never be left in the upright position.

Before closing the footrest gap, make sure nothing is underneath.

Keep the fingers of both adults and children away from the chair base and footrest lever.

Avoid positioning a feeding chair too close to window treatments, a heater, or shelves containing anything your child could yank off.


Rocking chairs and nursery gliders are a great way to soothe you and your littles. They come in various styles and colors to match your nursery’s decor.

They also have various features, such as reclining, swiveling, and rocking. Consider your needs and budget to find the best rocking chair or nursery glider. You can also read online reviews to get a sense of what others think.

Do I need a rocking chair or a nursery glider?

Without a doubt! “It’s just ‘one more thing,'” says Greenaway, “that we tell parents they need to be successful in feeding their infant.”
A comfortable caregiver and infant are the keys to successful feeding. So, do this on your couch or in a comfortable recliner reserved for feeding.

Phelps emphasizes that the most important factor is the parent’s comfort. “I knew I needed something that reclined because of my specific breastfeeding needs, but I also wanted something I could use to just hold and rock the baby,” she explains.

How do you clean a nursery glider?

No matter where you take care of a newborn, messes will unavoidably occur. If you need to go further, you could treat the glider with a non-toxic cleaning agent.

Just wipe off the fabric with a damp towel to clean a nursery glider to remove the first dirt.

If nursing snack crumbs have settled in small crevices over time, you should vacuum such areas or even think about steam cleaning the cushions.

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